World International Day For Ageing 2018

Monday, October 01, 2018

In commemorating the World International Day for the Aged observed every 1st October. The Association For The Prevention Of Elder Abuse (TAPEA) joins the rest of the World in remembering the Aged people more especially the Abused and Neglected older people, who are living in isolation and suffered different forms of Abuses raging from emotional distress among many forms of violence they experienced their lives.

It is high time to break this culture of silence especially in our African settings, happening for so long a time in the hands caregivers. This will sound strange though but it is actually in occurrence, from financial exploitation, lost of properties normally from caregivers within or outside the family settings due to an act done knowingly or unknowingly.

Abuses done to an older can also cause psychological and as well inflict physical pain to them in whatever settings it might occur. The Association of the Prevention Elder Abuse have the believe and confidence that creating constant awareness programs will aid foster understanding on Abuse and Neglect towards this vulnerable group as they progress in attaining their Aims and Objectives to bring about change in behavior for older people that will be under the support of caregivers or family members to have the notion that AGEING is everyone’s future.

By: Priscilla Jones (President of TAPEA)