Women’s Bureau to work with NoGJWCA

Monday, November 13, 2017

Women’s Bureau has assured of their preparedness to work with the Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA). 

This information was disclosed to members by the Information and Communication Director of Women’s Bureau, Neneh Touray.

Speaking at the meeting, Neneh Tourary, assistant director of Information and Communication at the Women’s Bureau, assured the executive members of the Network that Women’s Bureau was ready to work with the Network in national development.

Touray urged the Network members to always be committed and to take the network seriously, saying that since 2008 they have formulated a communication policy strategy called the gender communication and advocacy strategy.

She revealed that they started the implementation and part of the recommendations was to come up with a network of gender journalists because they would need them.

She disclosed that they had two networks - network of gender journalists and network of traditional communicators, who they have trained about three groups of traditional communicators.

She further disclosed that they are planning a training during the first quarter of 2018 to be funded by UNCEF on reporting on FGM cases, adding that all these need commitment because without the commitment of the network members, it would not come to fruition.

 Pateh Baldeh, President of the Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement, said the network was established under the auspices of Women’s Bureau way back in 2009 in Pakalinding.

He said there was some little communication breakdown between the network and the Bureau, adding that in 2017 the network was revitalised and legally registered and an account has been opened.

“We are here to see how best we can put heads together to develop strategy of a work plan between the network and the Women’s Bureau in order to have capacity building for members,” he said.

Mr Baldeh further said the network members are really interested in building partnership between the two organizations, adding that culture could not go without the involvement of women.

Njie Baldeh, Secretary General of NoGJWCA also spoke at the meeting.

Author: Fatou Dem