Women rice growers raise concern over sand mining activities at Sanyang

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Women rice growers at Banko rice fields at Sanyang, Kombo South have raised concern over the ongoing sand mining activities of the Gambia Angola China Holdings Company (GACH), alleging that the company creates water blockage around their rice fields. According to them, this blockade disallows the passing of water in to their rice fields.

Women say the blockade resulted to forming water loge in their rice fields, thus destroying the rice farms.

In an interview with The Point, Fatou Sanyang, a rice grower, said the problem of water loge in their rice field has been one month. She said it had given them a lot of difficulties.

“We have been facing the problem of water loge in our rice fields for almost a month now and this is due to the creation of a water blockage by the mining company.”

The head of Operations at the GACH Mining Company, Kawsu Jatta, said the complaint of water loge destructions on the rice fields by women has already been received by the mining company, adding that the company is also looking at other means of creating water passage through the rice fields.

He stated that the creation of water blockages was done not to intentionally allow water loges in the rice farms. He explained that such water blockages were done in order to allow smooth operation of their mining activities, which he said can be easily done in support of high water flow in case of transferring mining materials to other sites.

“Yes it is true we have received a lot of complaints from women regarding the problem of water loges in their rice fields, and of course we are also looking on other means of avoiding the problem to avoid the destruction of their rice fields.” He admitted.

“The creation of water blockages is mainly done in order not to lose the amount of water we need to navigate our mining equipment to other sites whenever we need to transfer. So this is why the water is not flowing through their rice fields. But that will soon be solved.” he assured.

Author: Yusupha Jobe