Women in sports sensitised on FGM, research findings

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The Girls’ Generation, in collaboration with the Network Against Gender-Based Violence (NGBV) with funding from Amplify Change through ActionAid International The Gambia, last week conducted a four-day intensive training of women in sports on the effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) held at TANGO.

Matida Komma, coordinator of The Girls’ Agenda (TGA) said they have been conducting advocacy and sensitisation on issues relating to FGM but this is the first time they are involving women in sports. “We are doing this because there is too much violence perpetuated against women in sports,” she said.

Fallou Sowe, acting national coordinator of NGBV said his office is committed to the eradication of all forms of violence against women and girls in the country. “This is one of our activities to support the network and strengthen the fight to eradicate GBV and specifically FGM in The Gambia.”

He said the objective of the training is to raise the awareness of women in sports on issues of GBV especially on FGM, saying that they conducted a research last year and will share the results with the participants so that they can understand the implications of FGM on women especially pregnant women and girls.

Fanta Jatta-Sowe, Women’s Right Specialist at ActionAid International The Gambia said violence against women has no boundary, whether in sports or in development work.

 According to her, they always receive sexual abuse complaints from women and girls which are forcing them to strengthen their efforts to raise awareness of women in sports to understand what are sexual abuses, violations to recognize it and to empower them to speak up.

“You have right to say no and you have the right to report. Violence against women is corruption and the perpetuators are scared of the public. So when you speak up they will stop and you can use the law to defend yourselves,” she said.

Author: Adam Jobe-Jallow