Women Councilors convene on Enforcement Law to End FGM

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Girls’ Agenda on Saturday hosted a major national event of women councilors on the enforcement of the law against Female Genital Mutilation.

 The event brought together fifty two (52) women councilors to lobby for the full enforcement of the law that criminalizes FGM (Women’s Amendment Act 2015).

Speaking at the opening ceremony held at Lemon Creek Hotel, Haddy Mboge Barrow, coordinator of the network against gender based violence, said the role of the women councilors as political leaders was to ensure that FGM was eradicated in The Gambia.

She explained that having the power also requires having the knowledge to ensure that they work with women to eradicate FGM, adding that FGM has been a long cultural process for over 300 years.

She added that a research that gender based violence conducted in November clearly indicated that many women said FGM is a lesion to cleanliness of a women and ensuring that women are respected.

According to her, they have a role to ensure that in their communities they work with other women to ensure that any women in their constituency was visited and talked to about the negative consequences.

Isatou Jeng, Program Manager of Girls Agenda, stated that they all know that the law came into effect 2 years ago but FGM was still in practice in the country.

“We deemed it necessary to organise a national convening for national women councilors across the length and breath of the country because they play a very critical role in making sure that the anti-FGM law is effectively enforced,” she said.

According to her, enforcement has become a huge challenge in this country and what civil society organizations like the Girls Agenda do with other women’s rights organization advocating or campaigning on this issue was to intensify their efforts and amplify voices and involve in  intensive advocacy.

Author: Isatou Senghore-Njie