Women and Business

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It’s a common saying that empowering a woman simply means empowering a nation, and if that is something to go by, it would imperative to encourage women folks to venture into entrepreneurship.

Women in this country have ever been know for hardworking putting into account the number of hours they spend working – from market to garden to farm plus their domestic chorus is enormous. And therefore, they deserve our hats to be thrown for them in that regard. 

With hope and humility, we welcome with our hearts, the first edition of the Women’s Leadership forum which was held on the theme: ‘Making It Happen Together’ – a forum held on Saturday with participants drawing more inspiration to encourage their colleagues to take up business ventures.

The forum had attracted business entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and with such a theme, the sense of belong and togetherness can simply be a possibility. This is not an assurance in any case but the successful launch of a Leading Women Magazine-The Gambia, developed in partnership with The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) can be a source of inspiration. 

The magazine we believe, could serve as a source of empowerment for all women in all categories across diverse spectrum in this country. We acknowledge that the initiate is a laudable one, but we also encourage the initiators to go deep across the country and bring to limelight the cases of some women who could be inspirers to others.

So madam CEO, we encourage you to keep pushing, do the good work that you are doing; for women in the country work just more than enough and all what they deserve is but encouragement.  

When the founder and CEO of Bridging Gaps Advisory explained that the forum was conceived by a team of professionals dynamic and hard working women through the support of hard working men, we welcome it as a blessing in disguise – the fact the she was gender sensitive – which has given weight to the fact that every successful woman has a successful man behind her.

We wish to acknowledge the efforts of the government and its partners for the work that they are doing to narrow the gap between men and women. Today, women are equally drivers of our economy compare to men; their willingness to handle sensitive positions in government and also becoming leading entrepreneurs in different sectors.

But we also acknowledge that the disparity between rural and urban women is relatively high in this country, and therefore, more and more efforts are needed to bridge that gap. Government alone cannot do all, so it’s the duty of all and sundry to complement the government’s efforts in that regard.

We therefore, implore everyone to join the bandwagon to help promote the course of women in the field of entrepreneurship by telling the untold stories of women who can serve as source of inspiration for others across the country.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”

Oprah Winfrey