Woman arrested for embezzling over D1M

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Police have arrested a woman accused of embezzling more than 1 million at Nema Property, in Brikama, West Coast Region (WCR), The Point has been reliably informed.

Amie Colley was the marketing manager of Nema Property prior to her arrest, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Nema Property, Bambo Njie, has confirmed the development to The Point.

CEO Njie alleged that the former marketing manager was doing ‘dubious’ activities as she was receiving monies on behalf of the company for her personal use.

“She has worked for the company for several months without bringing a single customer or an amount of money to the office,” he said. “Whenever I talked to her about customers, she would say that customers will come.”

Njie added that he only came to know about the dubious activities of the young lady recently, saying she was receiving hundreds of thousands of dalasis from customers and issuing them fake receipts.

“There was a day she did not come to work and decided to call one of our marketing agents and instructed her to go and collect money from one of our customers. Our agent went and collected the money and asked her whether she should bring the money in the office, but she told her to take it to their compound. This is how we discovered that she was playing game on us,” he stated.

Nema Property CEO explained that after having some information about her, he decided to suspend her indefinitely. “I met one of our customers on the highway who informed me that he brought eight plots of land in Manduar and he has already paid D320, 000 to the marketing manager. Then I told the customer that Amie Collley is no more working with us.”

From there, he said he decided to report the matter to the Brikama Police Station which subsequently led to her arrest.

He further explained that after her arrest was known to the public, customers started calling and inquiring about lands they bought from Colley.

“What confuses me is the fact that while she was under police custody, she was still doing business transactions with our customers.”

Njie explained that at the police station, Colley called one of their customers and told him that he supposed to pay the remaining money of a land sold to him or else the land will be taken from him. The customer decided to call me and I told him that the lady is no more working for us.

The suspect, Njie added, sent a taxi driver to go to her house to get her bag containing receipts she was issuing to customers. “The taxi driver supposed to meet one customer who should give him the remaining D55, 000. The police were informed about that and we made a trap which led to the arrest of the taxi driver and all the fake receipts were recovered from her bag.”

CEO Njie told our reporter that when she was granted a police bail at the Brikama, she again went and collected D215, 000 from one of their customers at the airport. The customer, he said, called him and informed him about the payment he made to the marketing manager.

Therefore, I decided to call the police and informed them about her act again. “The customer supposed to give her remaining D20, 000. Again, she uses another taxi driver to collect the remaining money. The customer asked the taxi driver to meet him at a bank where he was arrested.”

The police public relations officer (PRO) Kujabi was contacted for comments but could not be reached.

Our reporter has been reliably informed that the suspect Amie Colley was one time arrested in connection with similar matter when she was working for Kombo Real Estate and was detained at the Kairaba Police Station.

Author: Momodou Jawo
Source: Picture: Amie Colley, former marketing manager of Nema Property