Witness urges good leadership after ending TRRC testimony

Thursday, August 01, 2019

In his final remarks after more than five hours testimony including his involvement in the heinous killing of some people, Amadou Badjie, a member of the ‘junglers,’ (killers) preached about good leadership.

The witness’ testimony marked end of July Session at Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC).

Staff Sgt. Amadou Badjie a renowned member of the ‘junglers’ – a group recognised as ‘hit-men’ for ex president, Yahya Jammeh said; “to be a leader is not difficult, but leadership is a very difficult job; that being a leader one should be very patient, careful, watchful and be able to wait and listen.”

He said in being a leader, “not everyone will like you even your siblings and when you associate with them (friends and enemies) they will tell lies about other people, if you are not careful that’s where problem will emanate “between you and people.”

Staff Sgt. Badjie who confirmed his participation in killing Abdoulie Gaye (civilian), Tumani Jallow (soldier), 9 death row inmates and torturing of former Chief of Defence Staff, Rtd. Maj. Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba, Imam Baba Leigh and Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana stated that it is important for a leader to always verify any information received before acting.

“A hot tempered person (leader)” he said, “will end up having problems, clashing with other people whereby those clashes, when you look behind you will regret what happen.”

He said there is danger for any leader that is acting rashly.

In spite of his several participation in heinous killings of some people as a member of the junglers, Staff Sgt. Amadou Badjie who is also known as Chairman since his first day at the army training school could not condemn ex president Jammeh’s acts.

‘Chairman’ Staff Sgt. Badjie who was seeking for forgiveness said “any person that I offended by killing your loved ones, I am appealing for forgiveness.” He attributed his action to the job, saying “it is the nature of our job in the military because when you go for training, the first thing they will tell you is ‘obey’ you have to obey orders and carry out orders that are given to you.” He added that “being a junior officer you cannot refuse to carry out orders as far as you are a soldier.”

While responding to the question of killings at Lance Corporal Bojang’s Range, he answered that they were powerless “we have been given an order to carry out. It is painful but not my intention or opinion to do such thing but there is no way out, I’m powerless.”

Being a Muslim or Christian, he encouraged everyone to follow the footstep of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Jesus Christ and as “leader follows the principles of your religion and the footpaths of leaders of that religion to avoid going astray.”

Author: Yunus S Saliu
Source: Picture: Amadou Badjie