Witness alleges torture in Yankuba Badjie & co trial

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Modou Ngum, the UDP youth activist and the 18th prosecution witness has disclosed that he was tortured and beaten by some officials of the defunct NIA operatives during his arrest and detention at the said facility on the night of 14th April, 2016.

The witness testified that he was beaten and his penis was held and they were pulling it.

Modou Ngum made this revelation yesterday before Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara at the High Court in Banjul whilst giving evidence under examination in chief in the criminal trial involving the State against Yankuba Badjie and seven others indicted with multiple counts including conspiracy to murder, murder, assault causing grievous bodily harm, abduction, making false document without proper authority amongst others.

The witness disclosed that when one of the persons that came to receive him from the cell informed Tamba Mansaray that his phone was ringing and after Tamba Mansaray replied that he was busy, Tamba Mansaray told him that they are taking him to a place where nobody would see him.

He testified that he complained about the manner his eyes were tied with but fell on deaf ears when one of them replied that he is one of the people who went to the road to show rudeness.

Modou Ngum said he replied that they did not go to the road to show rudeness and was visited with a heavy punch on his left eye.

He further said that as he was removed from the cell they started beating him as they started pouring invectives on him and saying he is a Mandinka, he is the UDP youth mobiliser in Tujenren and he is not married and that they are taking him to a place where he would be tied and beaten until he passed away and after his death they would remove his heart and internal organs.

The witness testified that they held his penis and were pulling it so that he would not be able function anymore.

The witness told the court that one of the voices he heard during his ordeal was that of Tamba Mansaray.

Modou Ngum revealed that upon arrival at the dark room he was asked to lie on a table which he did and was tied face down to the table.

The witness further revealed that whilst he was tied, he was still blindfolded and they told him that he was the people who go and offend the government.

The witness told the court that they also told him that shameless BaKawsu Fofana was also placed on the very table he laid.

He testified that he had his singlet and under wear on and was beaten with the paramilitary rubber baton all over his body.

He explained that they beat him until they were tired and started again and was bleeding from his back, hands and thighs.

The witness told the court that after the beating. He was untied and taken outside where the black wrapper used to blindfold him was removed and his neck was held and his head was dipped into a barrel of dirty water.

He revealed that his head was held inside the barrel for a while until one of them ordered that his head should be removed and one of them informed him that they used to beat soldiers there and some do passed away.

Ngum said after his head was removed from the dirty water, he was seated on a chair beside the Bahama grasses near the hall for some time.

Whilst sitting outside before being taken into the hall, he requested for water to drink but he was refused and before he entered the hall he was warned not to reveal that he was beaten.

Inside the hall, the witness testified that his statements were obtained and during that interrogation he saw Yankuba Badjie and Sheikh Omar Jeng the 1st and 3rd accused persons respectively entered into the hall.

The witness told the court that whilst his statements were being obtained he was afraid to tell them that he was thirsty but instead he was licking his wounds.

The youth activist testified that he was returned to Bambadinka cell where he spent 14 days until he was taken to Mile 2 prisons.

Modou Ngum disclosed that there were five people inside the cell and that include Solo Sandeng,Noghoi Njie, Ebrima Jabang, Kafu Bayo and himself.

The witness further disclosed that whilst inside the cell, they heard a knock on the door and Solo Sandeng was asked to come out.

The witness revealed that at the time Solo Sandeng cannot walk properly and after some time they came for Noghoi Njie and three of them were left inside the cell.

Modou Ngum told the court that since that night that Solo Sandeng was removed from the cell he has never set his eyes on him and as for Noghoi Njie, he later saw her the day the three of them (Kafu Bayo, Ebrima Jabang and himself) were escorted to mile 2 prisons.

The witness testified how Lamin Sanyang came to introduce himself to him as a doctor, prescribed some medication for him and promised to buy him some clothes which he eventually did.

The witness, however, identified a gown and a trouser, a brownish jean trouser and a long sleeves shirt and were tendered in evidence and admitted as Exhibit “F” and “G” respectively.

Modou Ngum told the court that he was given the clothes by Lamin Sanyang because the clothes he was arrested with were stained with blood.

Author: Bruce Asemota