Wisdom, Bai Babu collabo takes on migration

Friday, April 27, 2018

Migration is a topical issue in many countries and The Gambia is not an exception. Cognizant of its multi-faceted nature, it also needs sound and careful approach.

It against this backdrop, the two Gambian rap stars namely, Sheikh Omid Wisdom and Bai Babu entered the studio and the result was a duet that takes on irregular migration. The new song titled Kokoriko aka Gambia Nice, is currently garnering attention as it on rotation in the country’s FM bands.

Barely, a week since its release it is warmly received with excitement as the messages contained the song are just food for thought.

Suffice it to state that the song came just weeks after a dozen of Gambians were deported from the United States. Since their arrival, speculations are making rounds with many faulting the policies of the current government.

The song, according to Bai Babu, also calls on government officials to wake up and work towards building this great nation.

While many attributes the surged in number of young Gambians taking the Mediterranean route these past due to the repressive style of the former government, the two stars in the new song called on the new government to help the country regain its lost glory to avoid a replica of the past regime.

The country, the duo acknowledged in the song, can be a better place if all work towards its development. It will soon hits major music outlets.