Who ordered the killing?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Police have confirmed that they did not authorise use of fire arms and that it would investigate the incident that led to the killing of unarmed civilians in Faraba Bantang.

“The Office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to make it clear that it did not authorize the use of fire arms and will investigate the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident.”

“The Office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to express sincere condolences to the bereaved families and promise that appropriate action will be taken,” the police said in a statement.

No one has the power and right, including the president to order for the shooting and killing of unarmed civilians and now who ordered the killing?

Why would the police send reinforcement to Faraba with life bullets? What did the people of Faraba do to be shot? One may tend to ask questions. But no matter how we rationalise it, no matter how we talk about, it’s a serious miscalculation and blunder from the police.

We urge that the matter be thoroughly investigated and those responsible be brought to justice with immediate effect. The killing of unarmed civilians is unjustifiable and we hope that a thorough investigation would be mounted to flesh out what happened.

“The President is deeply saddened by reports of clashes in Faraba which led to loss of lives. Out of extreme concern and regard for justice and accountability, the President summoned the high command of the relevant security service and instructed thorough investigation into the matter as quickly as possible,” a media release from State House stated.

Peace is indispensable in the development of any nation. The Gambia is a beacon of hope throughout the world when it comes to its citizens’ peaceful coexistence irrespective of one’s religious or ethnic affiliation.

Therefore, any action geared towards jeopardising that should be condemned by all outright and must not be compromised by any.

“The truth is that killing innocent people is always wrong - and no argument or excuse, no matter how deeply believed, can ever make it right. No religion on earth condones the killing of innocent people; no faith tradition tolerates the random killing of our brothers and sisters on this earth.”
Feisal Abdul Rauf