Whistleblower Badjie resigns

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Within 48 hours after confirming his designated new rank of chief superintendent, and deployment as legal adviser to the Kanifing Division of Police, Boubacarr AMO Badjie has yesterday tendered his resignations to the IGP.

“I do not trust the system to serve again…. I lost faith in this system,” Badjie, the former legal adviser of the National Intelligence Agency, now renamed State Intelligence Services (SIS), told The Point in a conversation last evening.

Mr Badjie, who was redeployed from SIS to the Gambia Police Force, decried that the designated rank to him at the police departs from the normal process of transfer between SIS and police.

He was arrested on the 9th June 2017 after an interdiction by PMO alleging he was the source of the leak of an official petition emanating from him to the President. He spent several days in a police cell and suspended from work based on complaints from the director general of the intelligence services, Ousman Sowe.

By June 15, Badjie also filed separate complaints against some operatives of the SIS and its director general, Ousman Sowe.  Badjie alleged the special operations unit “attempted to murder” him when they went to arrest him from his house. He also accused Sowe of directing the destruction of the torture chamber at the SIS, thereby tampering with evidence that could be useful in the prosecution of SIS officials.

According to the complaint, the torture chamber holds valuable clues to a lot of cases of torture and alleged killings that took place under the roofs of the former NIA. However, the police did nothing against these complaints, Badjie said, as a result he is still compelled to travel around with an escort and has since vacated his residence.

Lamin J. Darboe, Badjie’s lawyer, said the government will be held accountable should anything happen to “this fine citizen dedicated to improving the democratic credentials of his homeland”.

“If internal mechanisms for redress of grievances are not functional at the NIA, it stands to reason that Mr. Badjie must have the legal right to petition other authority. Based on what was written by the NIA in response to an online article, there are questions as to whether the current Director General is the right person for the job,” Darboe said.

Badjie, meanwhile, said he is not “surprised” that he was deployed to the police even though the investigators could not come up with any evidence to result to his dismissal from service.  Rather he sees those moves as tactics designed to frustrate him, especially putting him at a rank corresponding to my status in 2013.

“Police could not account for a bunch of 11 keys and the inventory of the items taken from my house during my arrest. These items, including the bunch of keys, went missing in police custody,” Badjie said.

Personnel Management Office (PMO) letter said investigations “suggests” Badjie leaked the petition to an online newspaper, without mentioning how.  As he was reinstated some two weeks ago, Badjie was also warned against “leaking of official information” to the press, citing consequences for such actions.

“During the interdiction, I lost D28, 000 as benefits and allowances since my arrest on 9th June.  During the interdiction, I received half salary, allowances paid from treasury were deducted, amounting to D17,100 from July to September,” Badjie said.

“Worst of all, my complaint against SIS DG Ousman Sowe has still not been investigated… neither was it considered by the office of the president,” he added. 

Source: Picture: Bubacarr AMO Badjie