What Yaya Sillah has to say after authoring 2 books

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

All the praise is due to God. Once again, my brothers and sisters it is with great pleasure to announce the publishing of another two books.

These publications are titled,” The power of positive imagination” and “Why Do Good people suffer?”. The genre of the books is self-help. The subjects of each book are profoundly crucial to our modern-day discussions relating to success and failure from the religious and philosophical approach, and from my own perspective. In the first book “The power of positive imagination”, which comprises of five chapters, the first chapter is focused on the importance of having a positive imagination. In chapter two, I spell out effectively the reasons why you cannot fail to succeed. In chapter three, I have highlighted the importance of role models as well as having a mentor in societies. And finally, in the last chapter, I discuss how fear often prevents people from achieving their goals. The main objectives of these books are to encourage the readers particularly children,to have more self esteem which is crucial to enhance positive imagination. After my research concerning this subject including reading many books I recognised that, success in general, is not an entitlement, rather it is the art of positive imagination which is the core of each individual success.

Here is an excerpt from chapter two page 39, “success is a continuous journey undertaken by an individual who sets out to attain each goal and is determined to control his or her destiny without fear of being judged by others, or anticipating failure”

This book is available now for sale on Amazon!

(2) In the second book “Why Do good people suffer?”, throughout the beginning of the book, my discussion is heavily influenced by theology. However, I never attempt to base all my argument just on one particular school of thought; rather I share the opinions of other people whom I engaged from many different cultures, including my own perspective from different social backgrounds. The book, is divided into Nine different conversations. And each conversation is focussed on a particular subject concerning sociology. Consequently, even though I might not convince everyone, my arguments are very compelling, whereas the book would not stop suffering from happening to good people, it may serve as a stepping stone to curb the suffering.

Here is an excerpt from conversation Nine,”we allow ourselves to suffer because we allow people to take control of our feelings and emotions. We are weak and bottle our feelings and pain giving a false impression that everything is fine. We are scared to voice our true thoughts and we don’t take a stand and say enough is enough. We don’t take control of our lives because we are followers not leaders”.

This book (Why Do good people suffer?) will be available in the market by the New year!

Two other books by the author,” Marriage and Society” and “How to build the Gambia: attaining economic super power status in Africa”, are available online.

Yaya Sillah

The author 

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