What is wrong?

Friday, October 19, 2018

In 2014, I sent out a message via facebook about the red timber business but it was ignored by people, certainly because of the big money earned from it. I can say, simply that people are losing sight because the bad practice still continues even if it is less than years before when Gambians were annoyed about that unsafe and dirty activity. In fact, it has stopped completely.

That should be only the affairs of our carpenter workshops; but people thought they were going to earn less money when dealing with our local carpenters. Then, they prefer sell to the Chinese for immediate and big money while thinking less or not for their proper needs; the needs of young people and the needs of the future men and women of this country.

These reasons are enough to know why carpentry is dying in our country. Now, it is not necessary to be a carpenter in our country because the work largely depends on wood and that wood is available from our forests or from southern Senegal region of Casamance.

What is strange to me is that I am not seeing any replanting whenever a tree is cut down.  I cannot cover the bad effects of this business but red timber business is dangerous to us and our surrounding.  In fact, it has affected our soil fertility. Although the leaves that drop from trees cut down for their timber are transported by the rain into farmlands. That organic matter helps in the fertility and texture of the soil from which the consumption of the things necessary for plants also depends on.

Chemical fertilizer we buy from shops are only useful when plants can take them all. A soil without any natural fertility cooperate less when you apply fertilizer than a soil with organic matters.

Timber business is against the idea of supporting agricultural development. Please let us help improve our agriculture sector; it is the only mean to develop our country.

My next subject will look at the uncontrolled use of pesticides and their bad effects on health.

Edrissa Sonko

Radville Farms Limited

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