What does winning the African Games beach VB Gold medal meant to Gambia?

Friday, August 23, 2019

Every four years, Africa watch to see who are going to be champions in various sporting codes, the biggest multi sports event, African Games. Although preparation begins immediately after the last medal is awarded for one month, tournaments are won and lost until two teams remain.

Gambia men beach volleyball team won the 12th African Games gold medal in beach volleyball with some great results that has affected the country in many positive ways. Gambia today is enjoying well-deserved fame and glory and it will be interesting to see how the win will affect Gambia in the next couple of years.

Winning the African Games beach volleyball gold medal in Morocco was quite a surprise for a country that has had its share of struggles. Gambia has felt a great surge of confidence due to this win that will help mend some of the difficulties and help the country to keep feeling the pride it has always maintained.

Gambian athletes have risen to the top of many charts in the sports. The country has finally had a chance to compete head-on with other athletes and prove their strength. From basketball to athletics to swimming, Gambia has proven her ability to not only compete, but win, against the rest of Africa when given the opportunity.

Despite our poor performance in football, here is a world prestige like none other. National pride increases, along with patriotism and world recognition. The better a country feels about itself, the more people are drawn to it and will want to be a part of.

Winning the African Games gold medal is an honor that Gambia will be able to claim for the next four years. During that time, Gambia and other countries will be gearing up for the tournament to be held in 2023.

The amount of effort, time and energy put into preparing for the event is phenomenal and yet, it’s worth it to receive the championship, both for the team and country that was represented.

Gambia worked hard and they deserved to win. The country will certainly reap the benefits of their hard work and sportsmanship.

By Muhammed L. Saidykhan

Communication/Press Officer

Gambia and West Africa Volleyball Association