West Coast Youths call for peace, unity

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The young people in the West Coast Region (WCR), have made a sweeping call for the maintenance of peace and unity and makes it driving force to push the country to the right direction in our new found democracy, during a meeting held in Brikama and Bwiam respectively on the 9 and 10 November 2017.

The meeting was championed by UNICEF and its partners to involve young in the Truth Commission process.

It’s observed that tribalism has become a witch hunt in the society, with people fighting each other based on ethnicity in the name of politics. And it’s also time for the state machineries to bring back the brotherhood in which we live together in peace and harmony.

On transitional justice process, it seeks to “amplify the voices of children and youth for the future of The Gambia”.

The young people have raised so much concern on tribalism and how it is affecting them in school – the independence and willingness of making a choice of friend has become a threat. And as future leaders, they deemed it prudent to be the first to address tribalism.

Promoting national unity, Abubacarr Sambou, the president of The Gambia Peace Ambassador said people should understand that our tribes are our identity but that it has nothing to do with politics. Let us not allow politicians use us to gain power.

He also raises concern on the past impasse and elections in which so many people have been divided on party line and ethnicity; children have been highly affected as their parents were fighting each other. But with reconciliation, he said, it would really make an impact for them not to feel marginalised especially the ones from the region of the former president.

The government, he said, should address matters with great care and to the interest of the general public. He urged people to stop marginising people because of the party they belong to, or banning a party which could rather divide us than unity.

“People should live to fellow the party they want. Leaders and policy makers should know that they are serving the people and are responsible for the nation. The Nation Assembly Members are been chosen by their community to represent them and their voices should be in the fore front to preach peace.” Sambou mention

Aminata Manneh said tribalism those not have a place in our nation. She said that we should remember that we are all related in one way or the other as tribes all over the country intermarried.

“Tribalism will rather divide our home than bring them together,” she said, adding that they would always advocate for peace, working hand in hand to bring back the smile coast we are known for.

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez