Welcome foreign minister of Senegal

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The visit today of the Senegalese foreign minister, Sidiki Kaba, to The Gambia with special message from his president, marks another milestone in further cementing the existing diplomatic and sisterly relationships between Banjul and Dakar.

Is a good practice that the Gambian and Senegalese authorities meet to discuss ways and means of overcoming possible and potential challenges to the people of the two countries.  Gambians and Senegalese are one people occupying different territories.

The two countries should continuously and collaboratively work to promote peace and unity. 

Meanwhile, one of the key things that need to be addressed right now is the issue of the Senegalese state TV, RTS.  There has been a lot of public outcry, particularly from sports enthusiasts in The Gambia, that when the Senegalese national football team, Lions, is playing the TV station do cut off their satellite connection to viewers outside Senegal.  A lot of football fans have expressed dismay with RTS in this regards.

It would be a good idea if GRTS, The Gambia national broadcaster, and RTS could work together on common programmes so as to avoid this kind of disheartening scenario.

It is an undeniable fact that The Gambia and Senegal are obliged to live together harmoniously because of our cultural and family ties.

People of the two countries, especially our leaders, should have a common understanding and aspiration to move the vision of Senegambia forward in unison, nothing less, nothing more.

We hope that the daylong working visit of Minister Kaba will yield dividends in terms of further promoting peace and mutual understanding between the two countries.

We want to remind all Senegambians that our common ancestry and history have bonded us together in such a way that we are bound to live together forever.

It is, therefore, to the advantage of both states to emphasise our affinity, rather than dwell on differences that are inimical to mutual progress and prosperity.

The Gambia and Senegal are naturally related, and we must cherish this to the advantage of both economies.

Lets us remain united for the betterment of our two peoples and Africa as a whole.

“The best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake”