We must fix our education system

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Quality education is an integral component in the development of any nation. Interestingly, The Gambia’s education system is on the verge of sinking until and unless something is done to fix it.

The news of the result of The Gambia Senior Secondary Certificate Examination was received with dismay and disappointment, thus signaling the need for all hands to be on deck, so as to fix our national education system.

The whole system needs overhaul and it requires an operation and the only skillful or right institution to attempt the operation is the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education. The Ministry must synergies with rights stakeholders and come up with tangible strategies that would save the country’s education system. In simple term, the Ministry must go back to the drawing board and come up with tangible ideas to save a crumbling education system.

But equally, the government, parents, teachers and the students all have roles to play in order to improve the performance of the students especially in the West African Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE). When you look at the performance of students this year, all that comes to mind is reverse the system of mass promotion and introduce corporal punishment in schools as part of our values to promote and improve quality education.   

This year, the performance of students has risen from bad to worst and if only there were reforms in the educational sector then the performances would have been totally different. We must do something for reform and save a new generation or else, it’s the poor children and their families who would continue to feel the pinch of a falling education system. 

The argument could also go like this: This is a public issue that needs immediate attention. These students are the future and the hope of the Gambia. The Gambia educational sector should be reformed if we want to continue developing.

We must remember that successful countries have all invested heavily in education and then leapfrog in their development aspirations. The Gambia must mimic those countries; however, this can only be possible if we truly fix our crumbling education system. 

“Education is the foundation foundation upon which we build our future.”

Christine Gregoire