We are fully tax compliant, says Lotto Gaming CEO

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

As a national development-oriented company, Lotto Gaming Gambia Limited has never shied away from its tax obligations, said Alagie Ngum, chief executive officer of the company.

“Lotto Gaming is one hundred per cent tax compliant because we know that The Gambia is a tax-based economy so the development of the country depends on the taxes paid by businesses like us,” he said. 

“That being the case, we will continue to be paying all our taxes and in time and we will also continue to obey other laws in our operations,” he said. 

Speaking to The Point in an interview at his office in Westfield, Mr Ngum said Lotto Gaming is out to address the rate of unemployment among the youth, especially women, because the ultimate aim is to contribute to the fight against poverty in the country. 

He said Lotto Gaming is one of the fastest growing companies in The Gambia and the more the company grows, the more it employs more staff and the more it contributes to reducing unemployment in the country.

LGG was abruptly closed down by an executive directive of former President Yahya Jammeh.  For six months, the company did not operate but with the fall of the Jammeh government and the coming of President Adama Barrow, LGG, like all the other lottery companies, was allowed to resume operations.

“We thank the new Gambia under the presidency of Adama Barrow and his cabinet ministers for creating an environment conducive for businesses to operate in the country,” Mr Ngum said. 

“I am short of words to fully express the happiness in me when we resumed operation under the orders of the new government.  My management and staff were all delighted with this move and we are all saying 100 times bravo to the new Gambia.”

The LGG boss said since the company resumed operation, it has employed almost 300 youths, especially young girls who are the future of the country.  Besides direct employment, LGG’s lottery games keep the youth busy and off the track of crime.

He said to prove the company’s credibility and trustworthiness, lucky winners of Lotto Gaming’s lotteries are paid in physical cash to avoid any problem through the cheque payment.

The LGG CEO said the company is Gambian-owned set up by three individuals: himself as the chief executive officer, Mr Ebrima Jallow, a shareholder, and the other person, he said, prefers anonymity. 

CEO Ngum said LGG has never shied away from its social responsibilities, which is why they support a lot of ventures on health, education and youth empowerment among others. 

“LGG is here not only to make profit but also to complement government’s efforts,” he said.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture: Lotto Gaming CEO Alagie Ngum