WCR Governor; GRA contribution to national development is immeasurable

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) former Commissioner General and now Governor of West Coast Region Bakary Sanyang said as a government representative, he is aware that the government of The Gambia is satisfied with the performance of the Revenue Authority in national development, saying GRA’s contribution to nation building is immeasurable.

Addressing the opening of a two-day tax seminar for West Coast Region village heads, chiefs and the business community, Mr. Sanyang said his region’s hosting of the tax seminar was important, saying the country’s largest taxpayer-based population is in the West Coast Region.

The country’s Revenue Authority organised the tax seminar with the objective to educate the traditional rulers about the importance of tax payment and its benefits to national development. It also targets to improve tax compliance. “This Seminar will help to educate tax payers to better understand the reasons why tax should be paid to the Government and to know their rights and obligations that will make them voluntary taxpayers.”

Mr. Sanyang said tax is one of the most important components of any country for its growth and development, saying if a country wants to provide necessary standard of living to its citizens, tax must be paid. “We are not endowed with many natural resources so the concentration is on tax.”

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh