WCO Mission meets GRA Officials

Monday, June 04, 2018

Mission from the World Customs Organization (WCO) under the Directorate of WACAM project recently met officials of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA).

The visiting WCO mission was in The Gambia to meet the top management of GRA and to see how best they could help to develop a project management methodology and strategy planning dashboard for the said authority.

During the visit, an in-house training was convened by The Gambia Revenue Authority, which attracted head of units and was aimed at building the capacity of the staff of the institution.

Speaking to journalists on the last day of the training, Yaya Manneh, deputy director Policy and Planning at GRA, on behalf of his institution expressed delight at receiving a delegation from the World Customs Organization to share experience and expertise with the officials of GRA in a bid to map a way forward to better develop project management methodology and strategy planning dashboard.

This, he said, is a positive move and that initiative was supported by WACAM project under the directorate of the capacity building of WCO based in Brussels, Belgium.

Manneh, in underscoring the importance of the in-house training, further commended WCO through the WACAM project for the move.

The project, he said, has been very supportive to GRA  especially in terms of providing technical assistance, recalling that since 2013 they started the human resource support and now WCO extends that support to strategy management methodology.

“We have a strategy plan which was developed earlier with its life span from 2015- 2019 using key area indicators. So that is why the mission is here to help us to develop those indicators”.

According to him, once this strategy management is developed, GRA would use that methodology for any development project. The strategy dashboard training, he said, targets heads of departments and members of the project management team, which GRA had established for the project.

“We acknowledge the effort of WCO - through the WACAM project for providing this capacity building”.

For his part, Mr. Richard Chopra, WCO programme director for Sub-Saharan Customs Modernization Programme under the WACAM project, said that WCO has a component programme for Africa, and The Gambia is one of the beneficiaries for that project.

 He disclosed that GRA back in October requested for support in the area of strategy management and they promised that WCO WACAM project will support the authority in the area of project management and strategy management dashboard.

He said during the training, they have identified the sources of verification and where to find those indicators and also agreed on the road map to actually develop the dashboard.

He thus thanked GRA for their hard work and commitment towards the modernization of the project, further expressing their delight to work with partners like GRA.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh