WAWEN trains Union Leaders on Gender

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

West Africa Women in Education Network (WAWEN) in collaboration with Gambia Teachers Union (GTU), National Education Association (NEA) and Education International yesterday commenced a 3-day Gender training and sensitization for their union leaders at a hotel in Kololi.

The training is expected to create opportunities for the participants to acquire more knowledge in gender equality issues, share best practices that will promote gender equity in the sub-region and discuss strategies that will enhance women to strengthen the WAWEN network and provide opportunities for advancing the 3rd EI World women conference.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Sectary General of GTU Marie Antoinette Corr reflected on how they can capitalize on their different perspectives and mandates to accelerate the achievement of Gender equality in the Unions that they serve.

“I hope our discussions will help us think of not only on what we are doing but also how we are doing it so that in the end we can deliver the results that can improve both the condition and position of women in the world,” she said.

Christian Addai Poku, member of EIRAC said women should be given equal opportunities as men when it comes to development.

Jill Christianson, NEA International Relations Officer said the training was timely and important, saying there cannot be any successful progress without gender equality.

She urged the women networks to work in groups which, she said would be more effective than working alone. She said leadership is not only about capacity but also one’s influence.

President of GTU Martin Gomez said the training and awareness-raising in educational set-up, at a workplace and society can eliminate gender-based prejudice and change stereotyped working cultures as regards the gender roles and abilities of women and men including attitude towards women on leadership positions.

Representing the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, Anna Nanci Medy said the training is fulfilling the target of promoting gender equality in unions to strengthen them for the attainment of quality education for all.

“In order to realize the pronouncement made in the policy objectives, every female teacher should be carried along the process and MoBSE will work to ensure that female teachers are empowered and supported to deal with different issues both in the work place and at home,” she said.
Author: Fatou B. Cham