Water shortage hits Tankong Kunda

Friday, August 09, 2019

There is a serious water shortage in Central River Region’s Sami District village of Tankong Kunda after the only local hand pump that is in the village went apparently dry due to continuous fetching of water.

The community of more than 500 people are now appealing to the government and humanitarian organisations to help address the water crisis, saying they have been in the situation for a long time.

They said the continuous fetching of water from the only hand pump has been causing health implications on the people, who are dominantly poor people to cater for their family fending and hospital bills.

 Village Development Committee (VDC) member Kebba Konteh told The Point CRR correspondent that, they have been writing to the concerned authorities  to help them with adequate water supply but nothing came out of it yet. “We have tried several places for assistance including the Department of Water Resource office but nothing is done,” he said.                 

Hanjila Tunkara also explained how they are suffering to get water on a daily basis, appealing to the government to help them address the water situation.               

Essa Danso said it took women material time before they can have water every day and that have been delaying their household chores. “At the end of the day, they will end up bringing water that is not good for consumption.”              

Author: Ousman Jallow