Waste Management is a concern

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Waste management is serious concern in this country and therefore another serious concern regarding liquid waste management that needs to be addressed urgently, is to assess the actual effectiveness of the NAWEC Sewage facility in Kotu, as well as the NAWEC sewage outfall pipe in Banjul. The severe negative impacts of these facilities on the marine ecosystem, and their wider implications on other important economic sectors of our beloved country are too high.

The importation of second-hand goods has reached a level where it should be considered as illegal waste dumping. Many of the imported goods are now so derelict that even Gambians do not want them, and they instead just add to our own waste volume, which we are struggling to tackle. Several of the imported second-hand electrical appliances are so outdated that they are actually posing risks to human lives, and also consume unnecessarily huge quantities of electricity to run.

Simple guidelines should be provided to the businessmen on what would be acceptable to import.

The Gambia is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. Due to this very high population density, certain types of harmful industries should never be allowed to establish in our beloved country under any circumstance.

The air, water and land pollution from these types of industries would cause serious health problems for every Gambian, because we all live in Gambia within a limited geographic space.

The list of such harmful industries and their reasons can be made readily available.

“Managed waste properly, efficiently and effectively for a health environment."
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