WANEP validates CSO transitional justice report

Thursday, February 22, 2018

West African Network for Peace building –WANEP- and relevant civil society organisations in the country have launched and validated a report on participatory assessment of needs and opportunities for Civil Society Organisations –CSO-to initiate and support justice, accountability and reconciliation.

The document will support plans for civil society engagement towards transitional justice. The validation was attended by members of civil society organisation and various local media houses.

Chairman of Gambia’s Association of Non-Governmental Organisations –TANGO- John Njie said the document was developed to map the way forward for the intervention of civil society organisations to sensitise the public on transitional justice which will target vulnerable communities. “The nation is at crossroads and we have to work hard for a better future,” he said, adding that CSOs and the government must come together during the start of transitional process.

Emil Touray, president of The Gambia Press Union –GPU- said the meeting is important to map out the way forward for civil society to help the government in its reform process. “Transitional justice process includes lot of activities and public sensitisation. It has to be a collective process and due to financial reasons, some activities are not implemented. Government alone cannot do it.”

He said during the political impasse, many Gambians suffered and were traumatised and the country is now in reconciliation process to heal the victims. It is now our collective responsibility to work together to achieve good governance and democracy,” he said.

Alieu Bah from Occupy Westfield said Gambian civil society lacked coordination and teamwork and also lacked decentralisation to pass knowledge and information to one another. “We only attend meetings and training without extending the messages to the grassroots level.”

Author: Adam Jobe