WANEP Gambia forum focuses on women’s role in reform process

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

WANEP Gambia on Wednesday organized a daylong forum focusing on women’s role in the reform process.

The forum that attracted female participants from diverse institutions, was held at the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) premises. 

In her statement, Anna Jones, National coordinator of WANEP-The Gambia, said the forum has been focusing on ‘women’s role in the reform process.

She said the forum was orgainsed because they were all aware of the ongoing initiatives that were being undertaken by the government of The Gambia including the SSR process, transitional justice process, institutional, legal and constitutional reforms as a way of consolidating the democratic process.

“Women in The Gambia have been marginalised politically, socially, economically for so long. In all these reforms and initiatives, it is important for women’s perspectives to be incorporated,” she noted.

She further stated that the aim of the forum was to capitalise on the transition period as being a strategic opportunity to adopt legislative and policy measures to eliminate discrimination against women.

 Madam Jones said they expect participants to explore the critical and unique ways women could contribute and participate in the democratic process and share lessons learned, thereby contribute to strengthen the women’s right agenda in the transition period.

According to her, WANEP would jointly identify and map out important  recommendations and strategies by the end of the forum.

In her opening remarks, Bintou Gassama, deputy permanent secretary at the Office of the Vice President, thanked WANEP Gambia and its partners for coming up with that important initiative.

She stated that the government of The Gambia has been engaged in various levels of reforms process, aimed at consolidating the democratic process in the country since its ascendancy to power.

These, she added, include the strengthening of the justice and security institutions to render them accessible and responsive to the needs and rights of all people in The Gambia.

She disclosed that the Government was also engaged in a comprehensive security sector reform and has recently commenced trainings for members of the Gambia Police Force as part of the reform.

She said the government has commenced the implementation of the transitional justice process which is a critical component of implementation of efforts to strengthen democratic governance and the rule of law.

She stressed that this was extremely important as it provides the unique opportunity and platform for women in The Gambia to share their perspectives on the ongoing peace and reconciliation process.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture: Anna Jones National coordinator WANEP-Gambia