VP says coalition gov’t will go by 5 years, As she hails France

Monday, December 11, 2017

In an attempt to end speculations over whether the coalition government will serve 3 or 5 years, the vice president and minister of Women’s Affairs has said that the coalition will serve Gambians for five years as enshrined in the constitution.

“To do this, legal channels are there, we will seize them at the appropriate time,” she reassures.

Aja Fatoumata JallowTambanjang was speaking at the celebration of Franco-Gambian relationship as the French ship makes a stopover in Banjul, where she indicates that “Gambia feels much honoured by the naval stopover in the Gambian capital”.

From Dakar, a French naval vessel of 90 people operating in the

Gulf of Guinea area made a stop this weekend in the Gambian capital. Its main mission is to protect French interests in the ports of some African capitals and train African navies in the fight against maritime insecurity. The reception followed by a cocktail party was held for over two rounds at Banjul Harbor. A reception with the hints of baptism fire friendship found between Banjul and Paris.

It particularly magnifies the role played by France in the resolution of the post-election crisis last year. “The new Gambia wants to be open and inclusive, the French cooperation is beneficial for our country and I have personally benefited from French education, having lived for 6 years in France, in Nice in particular. French is the second official language of The Gambia. “She informs.

She also announced that The Gambia is organising a crucial summit for its future next March in Brussels. This is a summit with its funders that will determine funding for its projects for years to come. According to her, the support of France until then is not negligible to mobilize the donors.

According to the diplomatic representative of France, His Excellency Christophe Bigot, “Franco-Gambian relations are in good shape and are becoming increasingly diversified; attest to the security, educational and legal cooperation between the two countries. France is helping The Gambia to reform its army. For this, a Commander of the French Gendarmerie is seconded to the Ministry of the Interior of The Gambia, in the person of Mr. John Veneau, “welcomes there. On the educational side, he will say, “We are here also to help the Gambian authorities to promote the French language by forming certain bodies of its administration in French.” 

For the commander of the ship, Captain Corvette Rivière, she is very proud to be at the head of the boat. “From now on, this ship will come to the country intermittently. We will return here in the first quarter of next year. We are here to train the Gambian Navy in the fight against maritime insecurity,” she said.

Author: Amadou Barry