Visa transaction reaches court

Friday, March 08, 2019

Mam Tut Wadda, an accused person, was recently arraigned before Magistrate Joof of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court for obtaining money by false pretence. She pleaded guilty when the charge sheet was read to her.

According to the bill of indictment, on or about 6 September, 2018, at Kotu, in the Kanifing Municipality of the Republic of The Gambia, the accused, with intent to defraud, obtained an amount of D260,000 on the pretext that she would provide an American visa for one Hannah Barry, the information she believed and knew to be false.

Following her plea of guilt, she was convicted and sentenced to a fine of D20, 000 in default to serve two years imprisonment. She was also ordered to pay compensation of D268, 000 in default to serve one year imprisonment. Both sentences would run concurrently.

The prosecuting officer, Sergeant 2717 Jallow, represented the Inspector General of Police.

Author: Dawda Faye