View The Reality Foundation takes culture to Bissau

Friday, June 28, 2019

As part of their intertwined programmes in the promotion of domestic tourism and inbound and outbound tourism, particularly among Gambian students and those of partner countries, View The Reality Foundation will commence a tourism and cultural expedition mission to Guinea Bissau today, on invitation of their partner.

Members of View The Reality Foundation will be joined by some selected students from different schools for cultural expedition to historical and cultural Portuguese colony, starting from 28th to 30th June.

View The Reality Foundation is an organization formed by professional tour guides and artists among others, with the intension to promote cultural activities, domestic tourism, learning by seeing and expanding the scope of Gambians and most profoundly, students.

Vice president of the Foundation, Ousman Jammeh emphasised the importance of domestic tourism, saying there are many people who never traveled outside their homes of birth or region, talk less of visiting places of attractions or cultural heritage sites located across the country.

He stated that among expedition, exhibition and taking students on excursions around the country and beyond are among activities of the foundation. He added that their expedition also punctuated with cultural activities, workshops and seminars.

Dam Ham Nyang, PRO and a tour guide tutor commented further on their activities. He said the foundation’s expedition with students is through cultural and educational tourism which aims expose them to different places with adequate information.

He explained that tourism education is an extension of classes to the students as seeing is believe and it will give them better understanding of whatever they studied in the classrooms.

He added that their activities designed for enhancement of art and craft workshops, cultural entertainments, oral history, cultural skills and lots.

Ablaye Ceesay – president and Mama Jobe secretary added that the foundation places great emphasis on quality service delivery and practice more of responsible tourism with discipline.