Victim accuses Kudang soldiers of shooting students

Friday, August 23, 2019

Musa Kanaji, one of the April 10/11 victims on Thursday told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) chaired by Lamin Sise how he was shot in his back by soldiers who were from Kudang Barrack on the fateful day of April 11 2000.

Musa, who was a nine grader at Brikama Ba at the time of students’ demo, said the main reason for the demonstration was to show solidarity with their colleagues in the Greater Banjul Area who demonstrated on April 10 on the death of Ebrima Barry and Binta Manneh, a student who was raped.

“On the night of 10 April, I was told by Musa Camara that soldiers from Kudang army Barracks are arresting people and the assistant head boy Malick Jallow and some school councilors were among them.”

On the fateful day of April 11 2000, the witness narrated that it was on a Tuesday and as he was going to school in the morning, he saw some students standing and he joined them.

He added that he also saw soldiers and paramilitary personnel armed with their guns around the school.

“As some students wanted to enter the school, soldiers shot at them and everybody was running for their life. We later heard that a student called Ousman Sabally was shot. When we heard that Ousman Sabally was dead, students then became angry and they threw stones at soldiers, which led the soldiers to fire more bullets.”

Kanaji indicated that he was shot in his back by the soldiers from Kudang, adding that he walked home and met his brother Ansumaneh and one teacher, who helped him with first aid treatment, before he was rushed to the Brikama Ba hospital. He was then later referred to Bansang and then Royal Victoria Hospital now Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

He explained that the shot he received destroyed his right kidney, which led him to urinate blood at a time.

“I was operated as a result of the injuries and I spent three months at the hospital.”

He confirmed that Sainey Nyabally and Ousman Sabally, all students of Brikama Ba were also shot dead. He explained that there were other soldiers from Basse, who beat and tortured some of the students.

The commission will continue its hearings on Monday 16 of September 2019.

Author: Pa Modou Cham