Vendors attribute scarcity of fish to ‘bad weather’

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fish vendors at the coastal settlement of Tanji in Kombo South have decried the recent scarcity and hike in the price of fish, which many believed was as a result of change in weather pattern.

This change in weather, according to many, has affected many fisher folks and vessels from embarking on their daily fishing routine.

Many who spoke to The Point at the Tanji Fishing Landing Site, acknowledged the huge amount of money they now spent to buy a basket of ‘bonga’ fish.

Fatou Darboe, a fish vendor and resident of Farato village, said she spent 1000 dalasis sometimes to afford a single basket of fish, which she said, normally cost her greatly, putting into account other family obligations.

“If I tell you the amount of money we spend on daily basis to buy a single basket of fish as local vendors, it is really unfortunate. We don’t know when this situation will change because this can go for some months keeping fishing boats from going into the sea,” she said.

Isatou Jammeh, another fish vendor at Tanji, argued that one of the main reasons that contributed to the recent hike in the price of fish is due to the low involvement of Gambian youth in the fishing industry.

She disclosed that almost all of the fishing boats are owned by foreign nationals, saying whenever this foreign fishermen return to their native countries during festive occasions, there is always a scarcity of fish in the market.

She cited the involvement of middlemen in the fishing sector, adding that middlemen always contribute to the hike in the price of fish in the market.

 “We always face high cost of fish price as vendors and I can tell you the same situation also affects our local customers whenever they come to the market to buy fish. Government should do something about this situation”, she added.

Author: Yusupha Jobe