Vegetable vendors bemoan poor business

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vegetable vendors in Serrekunda have complained of having difficulties to buy from vegetable farmers to sell as business, saying market prices are increasing by the day. 

Adama Cham, a woman from Sukuta who sell vegetables at the Serrekunda market said, if they want to sell the vegetables at a price that can bring them some profit, customers would complain of the cost and that sometimes led to spoilage of their products due to their long stay with them without being bought.

Mrs. Cham said market congestion is also hindering their business and that usually farce some of them to be selling on the roadside. “Even there, the Police will be on our necks, requesting us to vacate the place. We will appreciate it if government and other NGOs can help us with a good market and good storage facility that can help us to expand our businesses.”

Another vendor Yama Njie said the problem maybe the lack of empowerment of the gardeners and the hard time that they go through in their gardens hence their product prices are costly.

She believed that if the vegetable farmers are given the needed support and incentives, the cost of their products will reduce. “It should be a chain work in which if we have more farmers we will have more vegetable with less stress and everyone will enjoy.

Mrs. Njie also appealed to the government and other agencies dealing in agriculture to support farmers and vegetable gardeners with the provision of soft loans and storage facilities to enable them expand their businesses. “We feed our families from this. We always intend to expand our business but because we don’t have enough financial muscle, we could not do it.”

Tomato vendor Fatou Mendy said she usually sell her tomatoes at lost prices to avoid them from being spoilt and some of them would take credit from either family, friends or colleagues to continue their business. 

Author: Seedy Darboe