VCO Gambia Charity donates to Schools and the needy

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Voluntary Charity Organisation (VCO) The Gambia; a non-profitable charity organization recently donated containers of materials including chairs, educational materials and clothing to needy children in The Gambia.

The Charity’s principal trustee James Cook explained how he came with the project and why he is supporting needy Gambians, saying he has been coming to the Gambia for 17 years.  “Many years ago, my grandparents were taken from The Gambia to America as slaves. When I was told about my roots in 2000, I decided to come and see The Gambia by myself and upon my arrival in the country, I was immediately greeted with smiles and happiness by the people of The Gambia.”

Mr. Cook said by providing the materials to schools and the needy, he hopes that the donation will uplift the status of the beneficiaries, particularly the clothing and school chairs. “For the needy, it is not easy for them to afford anything for themselves without help. So providing these materials for them would continue to give them the strength.”

He thanked Lamin Sabally for closely working with him in making the project, saying all they need is to give a new outlook to New Gambia.    

Author: Yai Dibba-Jallow