UTG student admits stealing 30 computers

Friday, June 28, 2019

An ICT student of the University of The Gambia, Muhammed Cham, who was recently arrested for stealing thirty computers from the UTG computer lab has admitted to committing the crime.

The suspect is in custody at Kanifing Police Station charged with office breaking and stealing and will be arraigned as soon as possible, police say.

Police PRO, ASP Lamin Njie, said the Kanifing Police Station received complain from the University of The Gambia staff that 19 computers were missing from the new computer lab.

The Kanifing police officers investigated the matter to find where those computers might have gone to.

This investigation, he said led to the discovery of some pieces of the computers with a certain Nigerian and some other business people within Serrekunda and its vicinity.

“That also helped the investigators to further their quest until they were able to discover 30 computers instead of the reported 19,” the police spokesperson said.

He added that the 24-year-old student admitted to stealing eleven computers one at a time but later decided that taking one at a time was becoming difficult for him and he decided to steal an additional nineteen at a go.

He explained that the boy came up with a new plan of going behind the Law Faculty building and placed a chair by the window to be able to reach the back window and have access to the lab to steal many computers as possible.

PRO Njie, added that the buyers were also arrested and charged for receiving stolen property.

He advised people to inquire about properties carefully before buying them as they could sometimes be stolen properties.

He also advised young people to avoid attitudes that could jeopardise their future.

“Our people should develop the culture of protecting public properties as they belong to all of us and are for the common good for us all,” he said.

Author: Fatou O. Barrow