UTG orientates over 1000 students

Thursday, September 07, 2017

The University of The Gambia yesterday held its traditional orientation ceremony comprising 1,325 freshmen and women to the different schools in the university.

The ceremony, which took, place at the University Faculty of Law, was attended by the Deans of all the nine schools in the university, lecturers including old and new intakes ad well as family members.

Speaking at the orientation, the acting Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Pierre Gomez, said the statistics of this year’s intake was impressive compared to the previous years, has it has increased drastically.

He declared that their expectations are for the students to be ready to learn, avoid shortcuts and ready to acquire the necessary skills taking into consideration the national call when they graduate from the university to become meaningful citizens and ready to serve the nation.

“We hope that they will be quality at the end of the day and we are ready to kick start the semester and give our best,” he said.

For his part, the acting Dean of Information Technology and Communication, Prof. Momodou Jeng, underscored the importance of students taking technology as a career as its importance could not be emphasised.

 He said most of the ITC students before were given the chance to go on attachment during the summer holidays and by going around the country and providing orientating to people about ITC and they also visit some outside institutions that are in the business of ITC.

Prof. Nyang expressed optimism that history had repeated itself for organising another orientation day.

The acting Dean of School of Journalism and Digital Media, Nana Grey Johnson, hoped that the key efforts they had put forward at the school of journalism was to make it a centre of pride for the institution urging them that as “Students coming into this institution, you must know your mission,” he said.

He stressed that the students are key stakeholders in the development of the country, saying that the lucky ones to be enrolled should use this great opportunity and serve the nation to their best.

Post Graduate Studies and Research, Dr Francis Sarr, said the credibility of any university is measured to a great extent by the quality of its graduate programs, adding that his department was excelling in that area and they are proud of it.

Speaking on behalf of the students union, Fanta Fofana, Vice President of the students’ union emphasized on the importance of unionism in any institution and the university was not an exception.

She urged the new intakes to be active members of the students union as they would be their mouthpiece and speak for them in any circumstance, adding that the union body is always ready to support the students and make sure their voices are heard.

Ms Fofana said that universities are full of challenges and constraints which students should expect but at the end it was always worth it, adding that they have to persevere if they want to succeed.

Author: Fatou Dem & Adam Jobe