UTG holds farewell lunch for scholarship awardees

Monday, October 09, 2017

The University of The Gambia on 4 October held a farewell lunch for staff scholarship awardees of the institute in the Faculty of Law.

Speaking at the event, UTGV ice-Chancellor, Prof. Faqir Muhammad Anjum, expressed gratitude to the Republic of The Gambia, pointing out that 35 members of the UTG are the lucky ones to go on ‘this journey of hope.’

He said these are rare opportunities, noting that gaining knowledge is more important. He said aiming higher with degrees in education was not an easy task.

For his part, Prof. Ousman Nyang, congratulated the awardees and wished them all the best in their journey, saying“scholarship doesn’t come every day and it doesn’t come for everyone.”

He said that the awardees should get ready to make all the impossible possible and then advised them to use the university as their alma mater, as the hub of creative initiatives.

The awardees thanked the scholarship partners, the VC and the rest of the team. He then assured them that they would work tirelessly to their final destination, as he promised that they will return with flying colours to serve their nation.

Author: Fatou Dem