UTG ECOMANSA debunks foreign affairs claims

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Economics and Management Students Association of The University of The Gambia has express dismay and utter disappointment to a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs International Corporation and Gambian Abroad (MoFA).

The President of ECOMANSA, Ebrima L. Dampha, said with reference to the press release from The Gambian embassy to Dakar through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated 6th August, 2018, the Executive members of the said association hereby write to express dismay and utter disappointment in the said release and debunk some of their claims.

“It is indeed unfortunate to learn that the release has put the integrity of the University at stake, and thus the need for clarification.”

The release from the MoFA stated “…the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform the general public that on the 8th June 2018, the Embassy of the Republic of The Gambia received an email from one Ebrima L. Dampha, who claims to be the president of the School of Business and Public Administration of the University of the Gambia, requesting the Embassy to provide accommodation for 60 Gambian students in Dakar.”

From the above statement, Dampha said, it should be clear that our first email wasn’t sent on the 8th of June, as per the press release, but instead on the 31st of May. On the said date, we wrote to ask for their advice, guidance and counseling as the embassy responsible to represent the Gambia, which they chose to ignore for whatever reasons, until we had to lobby for help from a friend who knows someone from the embassy, who advised that if we write again, she would do the follow up. Then we wrote the second letter which happened to be on the 8th of July, and not the 8th of June as their release stated.

The 15th Executive Council of Economics and Management Students’ Association of the University of the Gambia, he went on, wants to register its utmost disappointment in the press release, which is full of unfounded accusations, and is of the opinion that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through which the press was released should have at least heard from the other side with regards to the contents of the report from the embassy. This would have given the Ministry the opportunity to strike a balance on the issue.

The details of the release will be published in our subsequent editions. 

Author: Momodou Jawo