US did not reject Gambian diplomat: Minister D A Jawo

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure has told journalists that the US has not rejected the Gambian diplomatic designate from taking a post in their country. 

On why Gambia’s ambassador to the US has not been confirmed yet and whether reports are true that the envoy has been rejected by host country, Minister Demba Ali Jawo said what is happening is just a matter of procedure….

“In fact, I am not aware of any country so far that has rejected Gambia’s nominees as envoys to their countries,” Jawo said.

He added that the procedure involved in such processes may be time consuming: “It might take a while but as far as I am concerned, no Gambian diplomat has been rejected in the US or any other country for that matter.”

“Let me give you an example,” Jawo explained. “The Turkish Ambassador has been in this country for almost two years. It was just recently that he presented his letters of credence to the government,” suggesting that the delay might just be procedural.   

Contacted over the weekend, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ousainou Darboe said he cannot comment on the appointment of the Ambassador yet.

Recruitment of diplomatic staff

Speaking earlier, Minister Jawo also argued the government duly followed the right procedures required in recurring diplomatic staffs and envoys, even though it is under the purview of the Foreign Affairs.

“But whether it should be done through the Personnel Management Office, I am not certain about that but I can assure you the recruitment was done according to normal procedures. That is why they have been brought together for an induction course so that they can take up their positions in various missions,” he said. 

Author: Sanna Camara
Source: Picture: Demba Ali Jawo, Minister, Information and Communication & Infrastructure