URR youths advocate for ‘Barrow New Direction’

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Many young people in the Upper River Region are calling for a new direction of President Adama Barrow as they wore T-shirts with the inscription: Barrow New Direction, while advocating for more support for him for the 2021 presidential elections.

Many wore these T-shirts in Mangkuma Kunda, the president’s home village and Basse.

Fatoumatta Bah who wore the T. shirt indicated that they only know Barrow and will always support Barrow and no other person.

She stated that Barrow has committed to help develop their region, so they will support him to lead the country in next the elections.

Open arrival at his home village on Friday, President Adama Barrow explained that they have started the construction of bridges and roads in the region in order to fulfill his campaign promises. He added that the new development is just the beginning of his government’s commitment to delivering services to the people of URR.

“More projects of this nature will come in the future. I’m not that type of politician who will swear by God on things that are not realistic. I will do all what I have promised because the work that you have done in the region will be exposed by the media,” he added.

He expressed delight for the colourful welcome by the Barrow Youth for National Development and requested for their continuous commitment.