URR Authorities advocate for voluntary tax compliance

Monday, October 08, 2018

Authorities in the Upper River Region (UPP) have been jointly advocating for the region’s taxpayers to be voluntary tax compliant to help the country’s revenue authority; GRA to generate much needed revenue to boost Gambia’s economy.

At the commencement of a GRA regional tax payer seminar held in Basse, former APRC national Assembly Member and now Alkalo of Basse Sellou Bah, chairman of Basse Area Council Foday Danjo and Alkalo of Basse Mansajang Peta Baldeh all appealed to tax payers to be tax compliant, saying The Gambia cannot go without tax.

The seminar was organised to educate and sensitize regional authorities, business community and taxpayers on the importance of paying tax and why tax is paid to government.

They emphasized that tax payment is an obligation because it is from tax that government pays salaries, builds hospital, and improves education sector, infrastructure and other social amenities. “In recognition of these benefits, people need not be forced to pay tax but should voluntarily do it.”

Basse Alkalo Sellou Bah said Gambia depends on a tax-based economy that is generated from the taxpayers. He emphasized that people must not take tax payment as a joke because that is what is sustains the country.

He also urged GRA to be vigilant in collecting whatever is due to the state, saying, “It was amazing to hear during the state opening of the National Assembly that GRA collected over 800 million dalasi of tax in a single month which is a significant achievement for this country.” 

He also raised concern over income tax charges, saying the issue of rental fees became higher and higher and is a major concern looking at the condition of average Gambian who finds it difficult to pay rent compared to Gambia salary.
Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh