Upper Nuimi wants absolute majority in elections

Friday, November 09, 2018

Alhagie Saidou Busso, a native of Upper Nuimi District of the North Bank Region has affirmed that they want absolute majority to be re-introduced and entrenched in the New Constitution particularly for the presidency, arguing that two term-limit should also be introduced in the new constitution.

“Any person who is born in The Gambia should automatically be a Gambian.Citizenship by marriage should be four years instead of seven years. There should be a provision in the new constitution that will enable Gambians who have dual citizenship to contest for presidency,” he said

He was speaking at Jurunku village in day three of the ongoing public consultation by the Constitutional Review Commission members. “We want two term limit to be introduced in The Gambia. We want the New Constitution not to give powers to the president to appoint a chief justice.”

He said there should be also a provision in the Constitution for election of chiefs. This, he added, will avoid manipulation by those in authority to do things that will only favour them instead of being answerable to the people of their respective districts.

Alieu Gaye, a native of ChillaJurunku,said there should be a provision in the proposed draft of the New Constitution that protects journalists, arguing that the media is a fundamental pillar of democracy.

“The rights of the media should be guaranteed and entrenched in the New Constitution. The media is a fundamental pillar of democracy. The journalists should be protected by the New Constitution,” he said

Mustapha Fabureh, opined that dual citizens should be empowered by the constitution with a view to enabling them to contest in presidential elections, adding that death penalty should be revoked in The Gambia. Election for district chiefs and alkalolu, he explained, may cause disunity within their communities, suggesting it should not be included in the New Constitution.

“We want the New Constitution to empower farmers. We want it to provide a mechanism where our welfare as farmers will be addressed particularly by providing us with seeds and fertilizer on time,”

Aji Ida Joof, the lady councilor of the ward called on the CRC to critically look into the issue of citizenship. She opined that every person born in The Gambia should be a Gambian irrespective of the status of his/her parents.

“The constitution should have a provision for free education from lower basic to university level and the death penalty should be maintained,taking into account the reduction of the number of murder cases in the country.”

One Ansumana Manjang said any person born in The Gambia whose parents are not Gambians should not be a citizen of The Gambia. Manjang also opined that local language should be introduced at the National Assembly. Manjang said the position of chiefs and alkalolu should not be elected positions for the fact that they are traditional leaders.

Author: Momodou Jawo