Upper Niumi discusses Hon. Darboe sponsored trophy

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Village representatives of Upper Niumi District on Saturday 9 June met at Toubakolong village to discuss Hon. Omar Darboe’s sponsored trophy.

Omar Darboe, National Assembly Member for Upper Niumi Constituency recently gave cash of twenty-five thousand dalasis and a giant trophy to Toubakolong Youth and Sports Development Association to stage a football tournament in the district.

It was for this reason that the sports committee called villages within the district for a meeting in which they agreed on the registration fee, balloting and commencement dates for the tournament.

A registration fee of D2, 500 per team is to be submitted not later than 23 June prior to the start of the tournament.

 The meeting was attended by team representatives, North Bank Regional Association, Upper Niumi District Sports Committee, Uncle Kebba Njie who represented Hon. Omar Darboe as well as the Regional coach educator Bubacarr Boris Demba.

It was also agreed that the tournament would kick off on 30 June.  

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb