Unity Daycare and Kindergarten holds first graduation

Friday, July 06, 2018

Unity Daycare and Kindergarten school last Friday held its first graduation at Saint Augustine’s School hall in Banjul, on the theme: Education.

The school’s principle Mammy Kamara said the school started with 3 students in March 2011 and that now, it has an enrollment rate of 221, out of which 100 are boys and 121 girls; with 10 teachers and 2 cleaners.

She said the school partakes in activities such as commonwealth and independence celebration.

Speaking on the theme of the event, guest speaker Clarissa Samuels said their pupils are very special and teachers enjoy working with them.”Education is the key to every success in life and without it, one cannot do anything. Education is the exposure of norms and values in society and its members or for next generation to success.”

She reminded them that when people talk about education, they normally limit it to the structures and curriculum. Education,She emphasized, goes beyond the ordinary classroom and diversifying business to make a success is education.

She commended parent for giving their student good education and knowledge to enhance the foundation of the child. “In the context of the school, the mother will have to make sureher child is well prepared and go to schooling time as they show key interest in their children. Both parents and teachers are important in the life of a child and should work together for their development. They should be patient in helping to give a good up bringing to the child.” she said.

Author: Fatou Bojang and Rose Zahra Gomez