UN downsize Gambia’s peacekeeping mission in Darfur

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The African Union - United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur, referred to by its acronym UNAMID, has downsized Gambia’s peacekeeping mission in Darfur by sending home 75 personnel out of 208 of   GAMCOY 21.

The seventy-five personnel returned home on Sunday 30 December 2018 after spending 10 months, just two months before their mission ends.

The reason for their return was as a result of the mission’s strategic review and recommendation for downsizing the number of troops in Sudan, which did not only affect The Gambia.

One of mission of UNAMID is to protect civilians, without prejudice to the responsibility of the government of Sudan.

Welcoming the returnees at the Banjul International Airport, Brigadier Gen. Mamat Cham of The Gambia Armed Force thanked them for representing the country well. “Your return has nothing to do with your performance in Darfur but the downsizing of the troops by UN, of which we are not the only affected country,” he underlined.

 Brigadier Gen. Cham further expressed gratitude to the returnees and asked them to go the Yundum Barracks for formal proceedings after which they would go to their respective homes to see their families and love ones.

 “You are expected to report back on Wednesday at the Yundum Barracks for detail briefing regarding your leaves, financial entitlements and luggages,” he urged.

Ousman Badjie, a returnee, said that they are proud to represent The Gambia and have done their best to maintain peace in Darfur, Sudan.

 “It was very challenging for the past 9 months but we tried to keep to the base,” he added.

  On arrival at Yundum Barracks, Tida Sanneh, wife of one of the returnees expressed joy and gratitude for the safe retune of GAMCOY 21personnel.

“This is an opportunity as well a risk; since they left their families behind and would do not know whether they would come back or not.”


Author: Fatou B. Cham
Source: Picture: GAMCOY 21