UK-based Gambian to run for Banjul mayoral seat

Monday, October 02, 2017

Ebrima Jawo, a Gambian resident in the UK, has returned home last week to declare his intention to contest for the mayoral seat of Banjul in next April’s local government election.

“It is time for us, the young ones, to step up and assume the mandate of leadership and change the status quo,” he said, as he declared his candidature to the press.

The former Gambian youth activist, volunteer and actor, said he was approached by young people of Banjul to contest for the seat.

“The reason I intend to run this time, because this is not the first time I was approached, is I want to make a name for Banjul and rebuild the city into a more appreciative city all Gambians can be proud of,” Mr Jawo said.

He said as Banjulians, they are no longer proud to call Banjul their home.

“I feel ashamed as a Banjulian about Banjul, though I believe in Banjul.  I think we need to give Banjul a bit of facelift and make it one of the world class cities that we can be proud of as Gambians,” he said.

Jawo said if elected into office, one of his priorities will be to provide affordable homes for the residents. 

“We have got 38 per cent of the landscape in Banjul that is not used which is covered by the mangroves, that is an area we can utilise,” he said, adding that his other targets include youth employment creation.

The mayoral candidate said several political parties had approached him to contest under their ticket, “I am in talk with two as we speak and more likely we are going with one”.

He further added that he has been talking with the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) and the United Democratic Party (UDP), but “the discussions have progressed rapidly with the GDC.”

“We are yet to sign anything, but an agreement has already been made,” Jawo said. 

The UK-based Gambian said if elected, he would maintain a home in Banjul where he can be easily accessible by the city dwellers.

Author: Adam Jobe
Source: Picture: Ebrima Jawo speaking to journalists about his candidacy