‘UDP will never allow dictatorship in Gambia’

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Deputy leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Aji Yam Secka, has reaffirmed her party’s position, underlining that they will never allow return of dictatorship in the country.

“We say no to dictatorship and that it will not happen in the country anymore. We UDP will not agree to it and any genuine Gambian will not agree to it. We have to unite as Gambians and see ourselves as Gambians. If we are united, no one will put something to us that we don’t want,” she said.

The UDP deputy leader was speaking recently at Tujereng village, Kombo South of the West Coast Region, while addressing party supporters during a rally. Aji Yam Secka also vehemently denied reports that the UDP is based on tribalism and that it is a Mandinka party.

“I have been hearing that people are saying that UDP is a Mandinka party, but I strongly deny those reports. “I am a Wollof by tribe, and now I am the deputy leader of the UDP. Therefore, it’s a clear testimony that there is no tribalism in the party. We have to be very careful about such sentiments,” she said, while urging the Wollofs to join the party (UDP). She made it clear that she is not calling on them to join the UDP party based on tribalism.

She said the people of this country have been struggling since 1996; until 2016 when the late Solo Sandeng came out, which was followed by Darboe after learning that he was killed, requesting to see Solo Sandeng; either death or alive alongside with others UDP supporters.

UDP ‘Kalama Revolution’, she added, is what defeated former President Yahya Jammeh, while thanking Gambian women for their continued support to the party.

Author: Momodou Jawo