UDP Spokesperson says he can’t be intimidated

Friday, February 08, 2019

The spokesperson of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Almamy Fanding Taal has said he cannot be intimidated by anybody nor can anyone frighten him, adding he has served this country with distinction.

Taal made these remarks on Tuesday while speaking on the popular daily morning show ‘Coffee Time with Peter Gomez’ on West Coast Radio.

Taal was also the spokesperson of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation secretariat in The Gambia until recently when he was sacked by the Barrow led government.

When asked if his sacking by the government was meant to silence him, the former high court judge responded in the negative.

“Every time I speak to the media, I speak my mind. So let us be in no doubt about that, nobody can intimidate me, nobody can frighten me in this country because I have served this country with distinction in all the areas that I have worked.

 “Nobody can silence me; let us be very clear about that. Whatever the motivations were, whatever the interest is, I am a Gambian like anybody, my stand, my understanding of the issues and my association I think is abundantly clear.”

He said he was representing a party and on whose behalf he speaks. The University of The Gambia lecturer Mr. Taal made it categorically clear that they cannot sit and watch the country to head in the wrong direction.

“Whenever I speak know that it is the party that has asked me to speak, but we cannot continue to see miss-steps or forced errors and unbelievable incompetence on the part of the people who are managing the affairs of the country. We cannot accept that anymore from anybody, it is unacceptable because everybody sees it, it is in the open, all kinds of protocols are being broken, all kinds of things are being said and really it is just enough.”

He went on further to say that the change Gambians made in the 2016 presidential elections has not gone in the direction they had wanted. “All Gambians voted for this change, but the change has not gone the direction most people are expecting,” he said.

The UDP’s outspoken Taal said the country needs to head into the right direction, citing neighbouring Senegal as an example. “They are everyday doing something impressive, they are turning things around.”

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko