UDP remains stronger than before despite…..

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The deputy national campaign manager of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has said that UDP as the country’s biggest political party at the moment would never be threatened by any political force, notwithstanding wide spread rumours of President Barrow forming his own political party.

Karafa Sonko made these remarks during a recent political hour talk-show on SEN FM Radio hosted by Njie Jallow.

He made it clear that he was not saying that the formation of President Barrow Youth Movement for National Development is a sign of any political ambition by the president and to create his own political party in future.

“But I can also tell you even if that is to happen, none of our party (UDP) supporters can be snatched away from us and this is just to tell you how united we are as a party,” he added.

Sonko maintained that it is fact that President Adama Barrow was once a member of United Democratic Party even before tendering his resignation letter to pave the way for him to lead the coalition government in the last election.

“Even though he once stood before the whole nation and said he is not a president of any political party, but an independent presidential candidate leading a coalition administration. And this, we all know is true as a party; however, he as a president had gained his qualification ticket of becoming a flag bearer of the coalition government through the same UDP,” Sonko stated.

The United Democratic Party, he said, was formed in The Gambia during the days of struggle to gain democracy as a nation, saying the same struggle of strengthening the party’s unity and fan-base in terms of voter numbers will keep increasing.

 “The party would never die or lose its support base in the country. We will never die as a political party and there is no sign of such, this is because we as UDP is the biggest party with quite a huge following,’’ he added.

Author: Yusupha Jobe