UDP Jarra Soma mobiliser says frequent arrest led to her divorce

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Madam Kassamanding Keita, 54-year-old UDP Mobiliser for Jarra Soma in Lower River Region yesterday told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), chaired by Dr. Lamin J. Sise that she was subjected to relentless harassment by the then ruling APRC party.

She disclosed that she was detained simply because she was UDP supporter and on multiple times without informing her of the crime she committed.

She revealed that she suffered physically and mentally and had to leave Jarra Soma as a result of the hardship she faced there.

She told the Commission that her multiple arrests and detentions cost her marriage as her husband left her due to her frequent arrests and detention.

She further told the Commission that the APRC youths frequently harassed her and she cited instances where the APRC youths used the double cabin pick-up van and took her to one Assanatou’s residence in Jarra Soma.

She told the Commission how her arrest and detention impacted her adopted son who was 7 years at the time. She also told the Commission that she lost her farm produce, noting that her seedlings dried up and some got burnt in an inferno.

The witness cum victim said she was assigned by UDP to monitor strangers in Jarra Soma so as to ensure that they don’t register in the voters’ registration exercise.

She told the Commission that she identified some who went to register and they were arraigned before court after which the matter became a foolish case and she was summoned afterwards by the strangers (aliens) before Chief Jarjussey.

She explained how she was asked to vacate her residence by one Landing Kittin Bah and her meeting with Baba Jobe who asked her to return to her residence after she had left.

She also explained how her refusal of Baba Jobe’s instruction to return to her former abode was received by Baba Jobe which landed her into trouble; it was to be the beginning of many arrests and detentions.

The witness disclosed that few moments after her refusal of Baba Jobe’s request, she was invited to Mansakonko Police Station where she spent two days and later taken to Janjanbureh prisons on the instructions of Chief Yaya Jarjussey.

Madam Kassamanding Keita further disclosed that she spent a month and ten days at JanJanbureh prisons and her husband was only allowed to visit her once.

The witness revealed that few weeks after her release, she had another trouble with the police who informed her that she was needed at Jarra Karantaba.

She explained that upon arrival, she was asked to sit and wait for the person who reported her but the person never came until it was late and then asked to enter the cell where she was detained for 13 days.

Madam Kassamanding Keita told the Commission that she was offered D30.000.00 which was kept in a parcel by Baba Jobe to cross carpet to APRC.

The witness further told the Commission that she refused Baba Jobe’s offer and was returned to the cell and kept there until the following day when she was released and asked to report to Jarra Karantaba Police Station every day for almost a month.

Author: Bruce Asemota
Source: Picture: Madam Kassamanding Keita