UDP is not own by Ousainou Darboe- deputy youth adviser for President Barrow says

Friday, August 09, 2019

(Thursday 8th August 2019 Issue)

Saikou Mballow, deputy Youth Adviser to President Adama Barrow has said that the United Democratic Party (UDP) is not owned by Ousainou Darboe.

Mr. Mballow made this statement on Sunday when he was addressing hundreds of women and youths at Kunkujang Keitaya in the West Coast Region.

He said the UDP party was formed after a banning of political parties by the Jammeh regime, so as a result of that, some political parties came together to form the UDP. “So if Ousainou Darboe thinks that the UDP party belongs to him, he is just thinking in a different way.”

“The formation of UDP was to replace other political parties and continue challenging the Jammeh regime.”

Deputy Adviser Mballow thanked the people of Kunkujang both men and women for responding in their large numbers to attend this meeting, while calling on them to support President Barrow’s agenda to develop this country.

 “If the President is giving the support, he would do everything possible to develop the country,” he said.

Mballow said Ousainou want to dictate the party, so that’s the reason why the UDP is divided. “I am calling on the people of Kunkujang to rally behind President Barrow so that he would maintain a real democracy that we are enjoying today,” he said, adding that Ousainou knows that President Barrow is from UDP, but instead, he still against him, he should have been the one who should support President Barrow, because Barrow gave him all the respect to handle many positions in the government.

On the side of the GDC, deputy youth adviser told the gathering that if Mamma Kandeh is supporting democracy, so why he is not supporting the developments of President Barrow in this country.

He said people should go away from tribalism because tribalism doesn’t bring any development to a country.

Dilating on the recent issues which occurred in Serrekunda and Brikama, Mballow called on people to desist from such issues in the country, adding that Barrow’s government would not tolerate such to happen again. He said if people’s rights are violated; let them go to the court, instead of burning people’s compounds and opening prisons to let criminals to escape.

Momodou Sowe, chairman for President Barrow’s Youth Development thanked the people of Kunkujang for supporting President Barrow’s agenda, adding that Barrow’s government comes to support the women and youths of this country.

Ya Kinneh Nyass, who spoke on behalf of the Kunkujang wowen, said they are 100 percent behind the president. She assured the deputy Youth Adviser that the people of Kunkujang have one objective that is to support President Barrow’s National Development Plan (NDP).

She therefore called on President Barrow and his government to support the women of Kunkujang in providing them with funds to establish business. Other speakers included Alhaji Janneh and Abdoulie Cham both expressed similar sentiments.

Author: Njie Baldeh